The suboccipitals are a collection of muscles that span the back of our necks beginning at the base of our skulls and inserting onto the first two vertebrae of our spines. Often these muscles become tight and painful as a result of a sustained forward head carriage, emotional stress and muscular imbalances. Over time this can lead to chronic neck tension, headaches, migraines and referred eye pain. An easy way to self-treat is by using the Loumet Back Roller

1. Lying flat on your back place the roller at the base of the skull
2. Roll onto the soft spot just beneath the base of the skull and evenly distribute head weight on both sides
3. Passively use hands to tuck the chin towards the chest until you feel pressure applied to the muscle
4. To affect different fibres, mildly rotate head from side to side
5. Repeat until tenderness reduces, always have a subjective rating of pain before and after releasing the muscle in order to quantify improvement

❌Pressure should not cause excessive pain

❌Avoid applying too much pressure as there are important structures (nerves and vessels) within this area If symptoms persist, further evaluation may be required by our practitioners to investigate other potential underlying causes


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October 24, 2017
Georgina Smith