Our Treatments

Practitioners at Hands On Health Care use a wide variety of treatment methods. During your first appointment, your practitioner will outline the types of treatments that are available for your condition. We always aim to provide you with the soundest, most effective and gentle evidence based treatments for your condition.



The therapies we use:


A very effective treatment for restoring proper motion to a restricted joint, these can be firm or gentle depending on your preference.


This is a technique in which a joint is taken through its natural range of motion to free up adhesion and abnormal movement.

Muscle Therapies

We use trigger point release, stretching and massage to lengthen and calm any overactive muscles that are contributing to a problem.

Rehabilitation Exercises

This is your homework! We prescribe exercises to aid in your recovery and create a situation that you will remain free of pain for the long term.

Dry Needling

Often incorporated into treatments of particularly stubborn muscles. Acupuncture needles are entered into the muscle, tendon or ligament to resolve issues.

Heat and Cold Therapy

Applied at certain times these facilitate your bodies natural responses of inflammation and repair.

Sports and Kinesiotaping

For the sports enthusiast. These treatments support and provide sensory feedback to prevent re-injury.

The Chiropractic Adjustment

One common treatment method we use is the chiropractic adjustment. This is a joint manipulation that is done to restore range of motion to a restricted or ‘misaligned’ vertebra or bone. This treatment is highly effective in restoring correct motion to vertebrae and joints in your body. While the sound is alarming to some, the ‘crack’ is not a bone-breaking or crunching against another, it is merely a gas bubble being produced as joint surfaces move away from one another. We understand some patients may feel apprehensive about this procedure so please let us know if you are concerned or would prefer to not have this method of treatment.

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