Chiropractic and Surfing

Being a Chiropractor in the Northern Beaches it is clear that the ocean blue, sun tans and beach bodies aren’t the only reason people are magnetised here. The beaches are habitat to a massive surfing community and it is obvious that it is THE sport of the beaches. Like all sports, the demands to perform are physical and whether it’s for fun or competition injuries do happen and can potentially leave you watching the waves rather than riding them.


It’s worth mentioning that the most common surfing injuries are sprains, strains, dislocations/fractures and most commonly affect the neck, back, shoulder, knee and ankle. These tend to be caused by three main scenarios:


  1. “Wipeout”– whether it be reef, rock or sand, contact with these surfaces can cause injury. The type and extent depends on the surfer’s position and contact area.
  2. Big drop at take-off – when standing up on fast, steep waves, the surfers feet can land off-centre putting excessive rotational or medial/lateral force through knees or ankles, leading to acute knee and ankle, ligament and joint surface injuries.
  3. Chronic overuse – Repetitive injuries of the shoulder, neck, back and elbow related to prolonged time spent paddling

Your probably thinking how is Chiropractic going to help with my surfing? Well, the simple answer is by evaluating posture, correcting joint alignment and promoting correct movement patterns. This ensures the body is operating as a functional unit and is running as smoothly as the wax on your board.


What you can expect from a visit:

  • A comprehensive physical examination of posture during each phase of surfing from paddling to standing on board
  • Specific and concentrated soft tissue therapy aimed at reducing muscle tightness in areas such as the neck, shoulder, back and hips
  • Joint manipulation proven to improve joint mobility, flexibility, strength and provide immediate reduction in pain
  • Specific strengthening exercises tailored to the region being addressed with an emphasis on surf-specific movements


Whether your goal is to keep your body at its peak or to recover from an injury sustained while surfing, make sure that preventative care and injury management is prioritised these summer holidays. Our team will ensure you are back in action sooner rather than later.

Post by – Bader El Dejany

February 3, 2017
Georgina Smith