Weight Lifting in Your Senior Years


Did you know its never too late to start lifting weights?

We’re not necessarily talking Arnold Schwartznegger type lifting, but following a weights program that is suited to your age, health status, and physique.


However, Be Inspired

The Guiness Book of Records Oldest Female Weightlifter is 79 yr old Ernestine Shepherd. Up until her late 50’s she was a sedentary office worker, but a ‘wake-up call’ in regards to her health, was the springboard she needed to change her life. Starting small, she slowly transformed her body with a weights program to become the healthy strong woman she is today.

Sy Perlis from Arizona is a 91 year old man who in 2013 broke a weightlifting world record, despite some pretty severe health problems, including having a pacemaker.

He didn’t begin weight lifting until he was 60yrs old, and slowly built himself into a competing athlete.

Evidence from Research

There is good evidence that lifting weights in our senior years is beneficial in; maintaining strong bones, a healthy weight, the ability to balance; improving circulation and heart health; and enabling you to continue the life activities you enjoy. A recent study in America Penn State, suggested weight training in those over 65 yrs of age reduces the likelihood of premature death by 46%!

There are also certain health conditions where lifting weights, even light ones, can bring much needed pain relief, by strengthening the muscles and structures that support your body.


If you’re been inspired and are interested in beginning a safe weights program, come and talk to one of our friendly heath care practitioners, and we will get you started!

Blog by Katrina Schonell

March 21, 2017
Georgina Smith