Maximize your Chiropractic Therapy

To help you maximize the results you get with your Chiropractor at Hands On Health Care Clinic we prescribe home exercises. Exercising at home can help make long-term changes to muscle imbalances, postural problems and joint restriction. We aim to get you back up, moving and pain-free. Research shows that movement and exercise can be helpful for reducing pain. By following your tailored exercise program you can take your health into your own hands.

How we mPhysitrackake this easy for you!

At the end of your chiropractic treatment, your therapist will take the time to show you exercises. These exercises will then be emailed to you with a login code and a downloadable app called physitrack. You are then able to set daily reminders and watch videos of your exercises to help you remember what to do. We can also see what you do as the app has a built-in tracker. You can also send us messages.



What happens if you don’t do your exercises?

Some conditions really won’t improve without you completing some rehabilitation exercises. While your Chiropractor will encourage you to do your home rehab we won’t penalise you if you don’t. We understand that life is busy, people are time poor and pain is limiting. The exercises are an option and if 100% necessary for recovery, they will be completed in a therapy session. We have many tools in practice such as EMS and biofeedback. We also refer to local exercise physiologist and personal trainers.

Will my exercises be difficult and take longer?

Not long!! And not Difficult!! While each patient is different we keep the programs as short and easy as possible. Most will only take 5-10min per day. We want you to attempt your program and be able to do the exercises properly. There is no benefit in a badly done exercise.



July 13, 2018
Georgina Smith