Chiropractic Postural Care

There are many reasons that people seek chiropractic care. Pain is one motivator for giving your chiropractor a call. But you may have heard of friends seeing their chiropractor when they are not in pain. We often call it maintenance care. It can help with joint position sense, range of motion, sporting ability and maintaining posture.

It seems like many of our patients have resolved to fix their posture this year. It has become an important consideration with working from home. Many of us are missing out on our incidental exercise. Like walking to the bus stop, walking to get lunch, riding our bike to work. Although our pets seem to be getting more attention, some of us still aren’t managing to get enough exercise.

Good posture can aid our breathing, emotions and resilience to stress. We feel better and work more efficiently when we have good posture and ergonomics. It is important to stretch, activate our core (no I don’t mean sit-ups) and exercise. As well as making sure you drink plenty of water and put the screens away.

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Kids and posture

Pain isn’t normal for kids. S0 if your child or adolescent complains about pain it is important to get them checked by their chiropractor. Research shows that kids that suffer from pain go on to develop more back problems as adults. And any pain that lasts longer than 2 months could be a sign of a bigger problem. Kids fall, jump, tackle and bounce all the time. It is important to get their spine check regularly their symptoms might not be pain. They might be irritable, struggling to concentrate, be overtired or not sleeping well, or generally be out of sorts. Just remember they only get one spine and it has to last them their lifetime. It is important to teach them good habits around spinal health while they are young.


September 15, 2020
Georgina Smith