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Over the last 18months, we have all become familiar with working from home and with lockdown restrictions. It is important during lockdown that we look after ourselves and our children, while we stay home and protect the greater community.

Staying home limits our incidental exercise. No walking to the bus, walking between meeting rooms or walking the kids to school. This exercise is important for more than just our daily step count. Walking helps improve blood flow, can help activate muscles and aids an active core. From a chiropractors point of view; walking increases circulation to the spine. It helps rehydrate spinal discs. Improves postural position, plus relieves spinal stress and back pain.

So let us look at ways we can improve our health and well-being this lockdown

Take breaks from sitting

Many of us are going straight from bed to the home office, then taking a break on the couch. Even if you did some exercise in the morning sitting for too long can deteriorate the natural curves in your spine, affecting your posture. It is easy to lose track of time when working at home or get overloads with jobs. So take a break 30mins. Stand up. Do a stretch or do ten squats. Get that blood pumping and turn your muscles back on.

Add regular walks into your day as well. Take the kids to the park at morning tea and lunch or walk the dog around the block. Get some sun and blood flow happening. No kids or dogs? Try a 20min YouTube yoga session. Doesn’t matter what you do as long as you are moving.

Stretch daily

Stretching daily can help improve posture, spinal health and the way your body functions. Stretching can help relieve stress and improve mobility in your body. Try to evenly stretch the muscles on your front as well as your back. Stretches are easy to add to your routine, try stretching while you watch TV at night or while you bathe the kids.

Decrease your screen time.

While we can’t help looking at screens while we work. It is a good idea to disconnect when the day is done. Looking down at phones or tablets for long periods can have a negative impact on our necks and spines. Too often we see families that search the internet on their phones out at night while they watch TV. In this lockdown period while we can’t see friends in person try reconnecting with your family or housemates with a board game instead of the TV at night.

Sleep correctly

Sleep is super important for our bodies to heal, rest and be ready for the next day. Side sleeping is considered the best sleeping position. Try placing a pillow between your knees to reduce the pressure on your spine. Back sleeping can also help maintain a healthy spine. Make sure your pillow is the correct height to reduce the strain on the curves in your spine. Try to avoid sleeping on your stomach as it is considered the worst sleeping position and not recommended.

Old mattresses and bad pillows can cause back and neck pain to present themselves. It is important to update your bedding choice to make sure your body is getting good sleep.

See your Chiropractor

Your chiropractor at Hands On Health Care Clinic is an essential service so will remain open for care during the lockdown. We appreciate that you may not wish to see us in the clinic during this time and are happy to help out over the phone. 99493017. Or for a more Hands-On approach book into the clinic.

Please be considerate and stay home if you have any COVID symptoms, have been in contact with anyone who is unwell or has been asked to isolate.


Blog by;

Georgina Smith/Lewis

B.Sc.Chiro, M.Chiro, Dip.Peads.Chiro


July 24, 2021
Georgina Smith