The work envelope

What is the work envelope?

The work envelope refers to your range of reach when seated at your desk. We can divide the work envelope up into 3 distinct areas.

Usual Work Area

Easy to reach area that is between you and a 25cm in radius from your mid line. It is made up of the area you can reach with our moving your elbows from your side. All work you do continuously through the day should be moved into this area. Example – if you are a computer worker, your key board and mouse should be located in this area

Occasional Work Area

With a slight stretch of the arm you can reach this area. It has maximum 50cm radius from your mid line. This area is for work you only need to reach sometimes. Example – you might keep your phone in this area if you don’t receive many calls during the day.

Rare Work Area

This area requires you to extend your elbows and shoulders to reach it. Objects you need to keep on your desk but don’t need access very often can be kept in this area. Or objects you need to see but not touch, like a clock. Example – spare pens, spare folders or a family picture should be kept in this area.

Why is your work envelope so important? Working with in your usual work envelope will reduce stresses on your shoulders, neck and spine. Helping to prevent aches, pains and injuries. If you work on Sydney's Northern Beaches and want more top tips, organise your work place assessment with Georgie and Bader. #workenvelope #workplaceergonomics #handsonyourspine #desksetup

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Why it is important to set up your work envelope!

Each of us should take note of the objects we use the most at our desks during the day. These objects should be kept within a short reach. Over stretching for objects during the day can lead to changes in the positioning of our shoulders and put stress on our thoracic and cervical spines. These changes can lead to postural issues such as headaches, frozen shoulder and rounded (hyperkyphosis) thoracic spine. If you are experiencing any aches or pains you should see your chiropractor for advice and treatment.

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September 7, 2017
Georgina Smith