Tennis Elbow: Lateral Epicondylitis

Lateral Epicondylitis - involved muscles

You might be surprised to find out that you do not need to be an avid tennis player to develop Tennis Elbow. While the sport may have coined the name due to the frequent occurance among players, the condition clinically known as lateral epicondylitis is primarily caused by repetitive movements of the wrist. Affecting the extensor tendons due to over use of the muscles during wrist extension which causes irritation and tenderness felt around the outside of the elbow.

Aside from the typical racket sports associated with the condition, occupations dealing with construction, cooking, hair styling, office positions, child care, carpentry, painting and many manual trades incorporating frequent wrist movements, may also predispose individuals to lateral epicondylitis. Once the condition has developed it can be difficult to effectively treat without impeding on work and day to day activities.

As with most overuse injuries, resting the area to allow the irritated tissue time to settle down would be ideal, however it is not always possible to place your life on hold while you wait to regain complete function.

Lateral epicondylitis, commonly known as tennis elbowWe tend to respond to pain by cradling an injury as a protective mechanism however mobilizing the area and massaging the irritated structures can release some of the built up tension and actually allow the injury to heal more efficiently. With Tennis Elbow, applying pressure to the tight muscle insertion points on the outside of the elbow, shown in the illustration above, while moving the wrist through the full range of flexion and extension movements, will allow the muscle fibers to stretch. This is a great exercise to work the muscle through the active range of motion while supporting the injured tissues.

Muscle treatments incorporating deep tissue massage and muscle energy techniques (METs) with Kat or dry needling with Georgie or Damian will complement your treatment plan for tennis elbow as well as many other conditions, speeding up your recovery time, restoring function and getting you back to pain-free movement.

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October 20, 2015
Katie MacRae