Sports Injury Treatment

Sports injury treatment is not always the first thing that comes to mind when you think Chiropractic. However, more and more professional sports men and women are turning to chiropractic over physio and massage. At Hands On Health Care Clinic we have a long history of successfully keeping the local amateur sports stars on the field and performing at their peak.

Sports injuries are normally soft tissue injuries. This refers to the ligaments, muscles, tendons, nerves, joint tissues, blood vessels and connective tissues. They are caused by overuse, poor quality equipment (mainly shoes), lack of muscular conditioning, lack of stretching, poor warm up and trauma. When we think of chiropractic we think of the spine and central nervous system. However, all chiropractors are thoroughly trained in sports injury diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation. We do as much training in this as a physiotherapist. At Hands On Health Care Clinic we are not only going to assess your sports injury but also any compensation in movement, gait or spinal alignment that the orginal injury may have caused.

“…chiropractors are thoroughly trained in sports injury diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation…”


sports injury

For example, you may have injured your calf at soccer, easily done if you are wearing cheap shoes or not warming up properly. It causes you to limp or compensate with other joints. Changing the pressure on your joints and spine. You chiropractor can assess your gait, spinal function and joint alignment. They can adjust your spine, hips, knee or ankle. The injured calf needs to be diagnosed and the resulting cramp or tear addressed with soft tissue work, taping and rehabilitation exercises that can also be done by your chiropractor.

Did your pain start with a tear?

Many of us are unaware of our spine being out of alignment. We do an increasing amount of sitting and one sided activities. Sport especially is often very right or left handed. The injury you just got on the field may have been caused by your spine being out of alignment already. Say you play hockey. You hold the stick a set way on a set side. It will often put pressure on your left sarcoilliac joint. This can cause tightness in your lower back, hamstring and calves.  It means that during a game, when you do an explosive movement, your muscles are already primed to tear or spasm. Many sports people get adjustments regularly or before big games, they report a improvement in flexibility, performance and energy. Chiropractic improves joint range of motion and muscular health. A healthy musculoskeletal system will improve game day performance.

“Many sports people get adjustments regularly or before big games…”

Sports Injury Information

Do not ignore minor injuries or twinges. It is always worth getting an assesment done. Twinges are often early warnings of a greater problem. If you are not interested in chiropractic management of your injury, come see our remedial and sports massage therapist Kat. Kat is highly qualified and can do a full injury assessment and treatment for you.

We are always happy to answer any questions you might have. Whether you are unsure if you should put heat or ice on an injury. Or would like to know more about your treatment options. Just call the team on 9949 3017 and we will help you out.

February 18, 2016
Georgina Smith