Pelvic Girdle Pain in Pregnancy

Chances are if you are reading this, you are experiencing some pain in your pelvis while pregnant. Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) can be anywhere at the front or back of your pelvis, including pubic bone pain and tailbone pain.

Studies show 20% of women can experience this debilitating pain during their pregnancy, and usually, subsequent pregnancies usually experience pain too.

Along with feeling pain in the areas described above, you may find you have:

– Pain with single-legged activities, including simple walking, going up and downstairs

– Getting in and out of the car

– Rolling over in bed (which is hard enough when pregnant without pain!).


Why is Pelvic Girdle Pain common in pregnancy:

There seems to be a link with the hormone Relaxin. Pregnant women have 10x more Relaxin in their bodies. This large release of this hormone allows the joints to become more mobile, which helps your joints to expand during labour to give birth to your baby. Pretty clever of our body! The good news is that it will mostly resolve once you give birth.

BUT that doesn’t mean you should put up with the pain during pregnancy. Seeing a qualified chiropractor can help with diagnosis and early treatment to help prevent it from getting worse.


What are some tips to help with PGP:

Sometimes some simple changes to daily activities can make a huge impact. They include:

-Keep your knees together when getting in and out of the car to prevent overloading the pelvis.

-Sit down to put on clothes as it prevents putting all your weight on one leg and shearing the joints.

-Do not cross legs when sitting. When you sit, keep a neutral spine. You can place a small towel in the curve of your back to help this.

-Sleep with a pillow between knees and roll over carefully in bed trying to keep knees together. This will keep the pelvis in a neutral position and in turn less strain.

-Avoid prolonged postures- do not sit for too long without standing and moving, and vice versa! You will need extra rest periods in the day to offload the pelvis. Sometimes a small lie down in bed is a good idea!


If you have tried these tips but you find the pain is still persisting, you can book with our friendly female chiropractors. Seeing a chiropractor trained in pregnancy care will help you with pelvic alignment and prescribe exercises to help strengthen up the pelvis. If you would like help with exercises and treatment call our clinic on (02) 99493017 or book online here


Written by Pru Bolton- Pru has a passion for pregnancy chiropractic and has done numerous courses in Pregnancy. Including Spinning Babies, Optimal Maternal Positioning and Pain and Pregnancy courses.

February 22, 2021