Is your head poking forward? Here’s how to fix it

Are you always looking down on your phone?

At a desk with your head probing into your computer screen?

Ever notice that your head is carried well ahead of your shoulders?

Pfft, my head doesn’t poke forward, wait let me check ……

Hmm yep thought so, this finding in the clinical setting is known as forward head carriage. A common postural finding found on almost everyone this day and age. This postural deviation occurs as a result of sustained stress on our neck leaving the cervical spine in a constant state of flexion. When the muscles responsible for counter-balancing this are weak or underactive, this results in heads poking forward ahead of the shoulders, keep in mind that IDEALLY, your ear should be directly in line with the tip of your shoulder!
Think about this, when you hold a medicine ball close to your body it is easy to hold, right? Its also much less likely to cause fatigue meaning you can hold it there for a long time, however, what happens when you hold this medicine ball at an arm’s length? It feels HEAVIER which leads to earlier FATIGUE and inability to sustain the weight over time. This analogy is synonymous with your head sitting on your spine. The further forward your head is the more stress that is placed on your spinal column which in turn leads to common clinical complaints such as neck/shoulder pain, headaches and constant muscular tension.


The stronger the muscles of the neck are,  the less fatigued they will be. Strengthening the deep neck flexors will also promote retraction of your head, meaning, less forward head carriage, less stress on the spine and therefore prevention of pain, headaches and constant tension
Luckily, this postural deviation is just that, a deviation. Meaning it can be corrected and returned to its more ideal position. How to do it?
Click on the link to our Instagram page and watch “REVERSING THE FORWARD HEAD” for a tutorial of the exercise explained above!

May 22, 2018
Bader Eldejany