How Chiropractic Can Prevent Migraines

It can be extremely distressing once the onset of a migraine occurs and when in effect, you can usually expect the rest of the day to be a write off due to the significant uneasiness it brings. At Hands on Health, migraines and headaches are very common presentations that are regularly assessed, diagnosed and treated. It’s important to know that manual therapy is a reliable way of both preventing, reducing and resolving migraines when other strategies haven’t provided much help.

Why do I get migraines?

There are a variety of underlying issues that may contribute to this nasty headache. It’s important to find out what may be causing the headache so you can take the appropriate steps to find the intervention relevant to your particular case. Factors to investigate include:
• Neurological disturbances
• Visual abnormalities
• Chronic stress and fatigue
• Bad posture (postural overload – especially in the neck)
• Dietary intolerances
• Family history

Triggers to be aware of:
• Stress
• Diet; chocolate, cheese, coffee, nuts, processed meats, alcohol
• Bright flickering lights
• Continuous exposure to loud sounds
• Excessive screen time
• Fatigue/lack of sleep
• Menstruation

How we can help:

– Massage therapy: Using soft tissue therapies on particular muscles behind the neck and along shoulders can reduce muscle tension that builds over time and may contribute to migraine onset

– Manipulation/Mobilisation: Often joints within our neck can become immobile and therefore changes the mechanics of how our cervical spine should move. Using manipulation or mobilisation of problematic segments helps to restore normal mechanics and reduces overloading stress on supporting muscles

– Postural Improvement: Headaches can be directly caused by poor posture. Characteristic findings such as forward head carriage and rounded shoulders are typical features of postural overload that can lead to secondary complications such as headaches and migraines. Strengthening the right muscles can reverse poor postural habits and serves as an effective strategy for prevention

– Headache Diary: We can guide you on how to keep track of migraine precursors. Frequency, intensity, time of day, particular foods and activities done throughout the day prior to getting a migraine can help narrow down particular triggers that affect you most. Everyone is different, what may cause a headache with you may not for another individual. Logging this information can be extremely helpful in preventing recurrent episodes.

If you have any questions regarding headaches or migraines don’t hesitate to call the clinic where one of our practitioners would be happy to provide advice and recommendations for you.

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July 31, 2018
Bader Eldejany