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I was fortunate to be one of the 30 chiropractors chosen to represent the Hands on India organisation, which annually travels to North-East India bringing chiropractic care to many of the economically disadvantaged rural areas around Siliguri, West Bengal. Many of the locals in this region are either tea garden labourers, who carry giant bags of harvested tea leaves suspended from their foreheads, or rock quarry labourers who manually break giant piles of rocks into fragments. Both of these occupations place incredible forces and strain through the body causing overload to the joints and spine. Unlike

Hands on India

Tea Garden labourers

Australia, where we are lucky to have access to a great medicare system, the areas of India we were working in do not have access to medical or chiropractic care.

Over the 2 week duration, our team set a Hands-on India record by providing Chiropractic care for over 6000 patients! We were able to treat all the biomechanical musculoskeletal presentations as well as providing relief for many of the interesting neurological and post-stroke presentations. For the patients presenting with medical conditions outside of our scope of practice such as fractures, infections or conditions requiring medication or surgery we were able to refer them to the appropriate medical professionals and provide the funding to ensure complete care would be given.

While each of the Chiropractors volunteered their skills and funded their own travel expenses, we were also required to raise donations which aside from funding necessary medical costs, also support local women empowerment groups, 8 primary schools, providing school uniforms and sporting equipment, an orphanage, a home for children with disabilities and the teaching and care staff wages which allow these projects to continue to thrive!

Hands on India

One of the Rock Breaker’s schools funded by Hands on India

Hands on India

Students of one of the Tea Labourer’s schools










What we were able to provide in support and care, we received back tenfold, growing through this experience as chiropractors and individuals. Being able to witness the power that chiropractic care has on the human body and nervous system was incredible. Many of the patients were coming to us as their first ever healthcare treatment, unbiased by pharmaceutical or medical interventions, which allowed us to see the powerful influence that chiropractic adjustments could have on the nervous system and the body’s own capacity to heal.

Hands on India

The line up of patient’s waiting for our mobile Hands on India clinic to open for the day

Hands on India

The Hands on India team at the Asha Gram orphanage











I feel so fortunate to have had this opportunity with Hands on India, it was truly a life-changing experience and I look forward to exploring how it will affect my treatments as a practitioner. I am so excited to be back on the Northern Beaches, providing our local Australian’s with chiropractic care as part of the awesome team at Hands on Health Care located in Balgowlah!

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March 5, 2018
Katie MacRae