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Georgina’s Journey to Perfect Posture


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Case Study:

Georgina is a Chiropractor who has been suffering from restricted neck movement, tight muscles around the shoulders and frequent headaches. She mentioned her symptoms have been present for a number of years due to her occupation which involves manual therapy in awkward and sustained positions for hours a day, often without sufficient breaks. Since giving birth two years ago, her symptoms have worsened and feels her posture has deteriorated due to the constant nature of baby handling along with maintaining her normal work routine. Georgina decided to seek Chiropractic treatment aimed at resolving her pain complaints and correcting her posture.

1. Improve neck movement
2. Prevent headaches
3. Postural correction

PostureScreen App:
Using the PostureScreen App, a photo of her posture was taken to serve as a baseline for her postural correction. It was agreed that a second photo would be taken at the end of the 12 weeks and compared to the baseline to provide an objective measurement for her postural correction.
Green line: IDEAL postural parameters
Redline: GEORGINA’s postural parameters

Click on link to see the photos –> X_Patient_Comparison_2018-07-142018-09-28 copy

Postural Analysis Results:

• Forward head carriage
• Rounded shoulders
• Unlevelled shoulders
• Curvature in the upper back

Treatment Plan:
Regular Chiropractic consultations were performed 1x/wk over 12 weeks. In-clinic treatment involved a combination of massage, dry needling, joint mobilisation and Chiropractic manipulation of restricted areas of the spine. A stretching and strengthening program was also given for Georgina to do at home to help complement her clinical treatments and strengthen her posture.

Following 12 weeks of treatment, Georgina reported significant improvement in all her presenting symptoms. Her posture also showed improvement despite the fact she wasn’t as compliant with her home exercises and stretches.

The postural correction program helped by:

Initial Postural Finding Postural Correction Symptomatic effect
Protruding head


Retracted forward head ·       Less load on the thoracic and cervical spine

·       Less tension in muscles of neck and shoulders

·       Reduction in tension-type headaches

Rounded and elevated shoulders Retracted and depressed shoulders ·       Stronger muscles supporting the shoulder and thoracic spine

·       Reduced muscular tension along upper back and shoulders

·       Improved mobility in rotation and extension of the torso

Curvature in the upper back Flattened and less  curvature in the upper back ·       Extensibility and mobility in the upper back

·       Less pressure on spinal discs

·       Improved breathing pattern

·       Taller posture

Click on link to see the photos –> 
X_Patient_Comparison_2018-07-142018-09-28 copy

If you feel that your posture isn’t right and may be related to ongoing issues with your body, consider undergoing a Postural Correction Program. Many of our clients have undergone a similar treatment plan and have been amazed by the results achieved.

Everyone is built differently and therefore treatment plans are tailored toward the individual and their needs/goals. Furthermore, results vary from person to person due to a number of factors such as compliance with recommended treatment/exercises/stretches, age, level of physical activity, nature of work and underlying musculoskeletal pathologies such as osteoarthritis or structural abnormalities that are important to acknowledge.

If you are interested contact the clinic on 9940 3017 and book a consultation with Bader to spring your posture back into shape.

October 3, 2018
Bader Eldejany